About Me

Hi, I’m Theresa Jarosz Alberti,  a writer of everything from copywriting, promotional materials, website content, to blogs, books, and poetry. I’m currently seeking freelance projects that can best put my writing, editorial, communications, interpersonal and technical skills to use. I’m a passionate communicator, and I’d love to find work that utilizes my talent, skills and experience, and enables me to enhance the productivity and promote the message of a companies and institutions I respect.

Please see my resume for more detailed information about me, and check out my writing samples.  Here’s a brief overview:

As a freelancer, I’ve written website content, ads, brochures, one-sheets, press releases, marketing materials, offering memoranda,  and fundraising articles. My writing has been published in American Baby magazine, Radiance Magazine, and Welcome Home magazine.  I have also written and edited newsletters for several organizations.

I’ve had a personal blog for many years, and I’m adept at social media. I’ve used it headshot-3as a marketing tool for myself, as well as when I was co-managing The People’s Gallery (see more about this below).

I’ve published four books of children’s nonfiction: “Russia: One World, Many Countries,” “Out and About at the Planetarium,” “Vietnam ABCs,” and “Climates,” and a book of poetry, “(After) Confession.”

I have also been on the board of an arts collective called Crooked River Creations.  In March of 2013, we had an opportunity to open and manage an art gallery and so we did, running The People’s Gallery in St. Paul through spring of 2015.  It was great fun, a lot of work, and a wonderful learning experience.

Welcome to my website, and please feel free to get in touch with me here.  I’d love to hear about any opportunities or interest, any questions, or just a friendly hi. Let’s connect!