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ONE SHEET – for Linda Hutchinson, book promotion

Tag Line: For programs as powerful as they are playful, designed to meet your learning objectives.

Hutchinson Associates, ha! is a network of motivational and inspirational speakers and educators specializing in humor, team-building and customer service for over 20 years. We are dedicated to providing your business with the tools you need to improve productivity and employee satisfaction through keynote speaking presentations and training programs.

Keynote Speaking:

Educational and entertaining programs designed to meet your objectives, in a format that works for you: Inspirational keynotes speeches – openings & closings for conferences and company events, retreats, workshops, celebrations, wellness programs, networking sessions, appreciation events, and company picnics.

Experience the benefits to your business after a session with Hutchinson Associates – ha!

  • Increase creativity and productivity in the workplace
  • Employees get to know each other better, developing greater communication and a sense of belonging
  • Fun exercises designed to get employees working as a team
  • Help people explore the “funnest,” most fulfilling and creative ways to do their work
  • Increase employee satisfaction, and foster a pleasant, low-stress work environment

Possible Keynote Titles:

  • Laugh Yourself Happy and Creative
  • Taking Humor Seriously, ha!
  • Humor & Stress: Joke Jitsu & Tongue Fu
  • Lighten Up: Healthy Humor in the Workplace
  • Jest for the Health of It

New Keynote Offering!

Out of Balance? Creating Harmony at Home and Winning at Work

Based on the book, Laugh Yourself Happy: Kids Say Delightful Things, and the workshop, Humor in the Workplace. Learn how to go beyond balance to happiness with both your family and co-workers.

Linda Hutchinson is the founder and owner of Hutchinson Associates, ha!. She has been inspiring, motivating and educating organizations and their employees as a national keynote speaker for over 20 years. Linda is the author of two books on humor—Laugh and Live: Reclaiming a Sense of Humor (2004), and the new Laugh Yourself Happy: Kids Say Delightful Things.

Theresa Jarosz Alberti