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XX Entrepreneurship Program

XX is a program designed to enhance small and minority-owned businesses in our local communities. A collaboration between XX and our partners – the XX Business Center, the XX Center at XX Community College, the XX Black Chamber of Commerce, the City of XX, XX County Economic Development Corporation and XX – this program intends to impact small businesses within XX, XX, XX, and XX Counties. 

XX provides small businesses with access to education, coaching, and mentoring for efficient business management practices that elevate opportunity and accelerate post-pandemic recovery. The program also provides resources and loan packaging services. 

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can “level up” and better achieve their goals with the affordable tools and recovery assistance XX provides.

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XX by the Numbers

33 XX Sessions so far

349 (Participants) Businesses Impacted by XX

Upcoming Events


2–Day Launch Camp for Business Startups

XX has partnered with XX to offer a 2–Day virtual Launch Camp to help early and idea-stage entrepreneurs and small business owners in XX County and surrounding areas succeed.

The camp runs from Monday, July 18 to Tuesday, July 19, from 10:30 am to 3 pm. The corresponding pitch showcase is that same Tuesday from 6 – 7 pm.

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XX’s 2–Day Launch Camp is designed to help kick-start the growth of business startups. Topics and benefits include:

  • Defining target customers and value proposition creation
  • Developing a pitch presentation and a one-minute elevator pitch
  • Strategy for presenting a prototype to the market within 2 weeks
  • A new network of business mentors and advisors
  • Meaningful connections with founders in a similar business stage
  • Membership in a global alumni network with lifetime benefits

Participants will be selected from the XX’S County Business Recovery Initiative Grant Recipients (BRI) group.

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XX’s Financial Management Training Series features experts in their fields taking a comprehensive approach to explain financial management processes for small businesses. The series includes five modules covering these topics:

  • Module 1: Accounting for Your Business: The Concepts of Bookkeeping – June 21, 2022, 11:00 am
  • Module 2: Financial Reporting: Introduction to the 3 Financial Statements – July 26, 2022, 11:00 am
  • Module 3: What Bankers Need to Hear from Business Owners – August 30, 2022, 11:00 am
  • Module 4: Transforming Data into Information That Drives Decision-Making – September 27, 2022, 11:00 am
  • Module 5: Tax Talk – Planning and Compliance, Objectives, and Start | November 1, 2022, 11:00 am

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Partner Programs


This value-driven, FREE technical assistance program powered by XX provides small businesses with mentorship, targeted support, and clear pathways to capital. 

XX is XX’s signature program for XX, offering invaluable tools for the entrepreneur’s toolkit. XX showcases many resource options for businesses and entrepreneurs, including the Financial Management Training Series, mentoring, and loan packaging coaching. 

XX Black Chamber of Commerce (BCC)

BCC created a 6-session webinar for XX called “Federal Contracting: Closing the Deal.”  Detailing the process from the inside out, the sessions included topics such as ‘Federal Government,’ ‘Contracting for Small Business,’ ‘What the Primes are Looking for,’ and ‘The Essentials of Teaming.’ 

This free virtual program explored how to open the door to federal contracting opportunities, widening access for small and minority-owned businesses eager to participate. 


XX has created two free Accelerator programs for XX to help support businesses and their growth. The Business Scale-Up Accelerator Program is a four-session training program focused on understanding business credit, financial statements, cash flow, and bankability. The Business Smart Start Accelerator Program for XX State University Students offers individualized support for students interested in entrepreneurship. Students work with legal, banking, and accounting advisors to create a winning business plan to accelerate their business success.

XX County Economic Development Center

XX County Economic Development Center created its C-Suite Accelerator programs to help businesses in XX County stabilize and grow. C-Suite Advisor sessions enable business owners to work with experts who can advise business operations, management, finance, marketing, strategic planning, business development, and human resources. C-Suite Business Coaching offers interactive group coaching to inspire business owners to maximize their personal and professional potential.   

Financial Empowerment Center at XX Community College

The Financial Empowerment Center at XX Community College offers the Virtual Empowerment Hour series to provide information and support for local business owners. Topics have included Business Credit for New Businesses Owners, Addressing the Racial Wealth Divide, and Life Insurance Planning. 

City of XX  (Program in Development)


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